Professor Zumbi is an accredited teacher of Capoeira and licensed by the Cordão de Ouro Capoeira Group founded by Mestre Suassuna.


Professor Zumbi

Zumbi is from Kingston, Jamaica. However, he had the good fortune of learning Capoeira from exceptional Brazilian and American Capoeira masters while residing in the United States between 2000 and 2009. During those ten years he traveled around the Americas developing a tremendous passion for Capoeira.

Zumbi officially started learning Capoeira in September 2000 at the Hearst Gymnasium at UC Berkeley after a brief stint in Contra Mestre Berinjela's kids class in Oakland, California. Mestre Caverinha, the founder of the Capoeira Mandinga group and a student of Mestre Suassuna, taught Capoeira at the gymnasium. Mestre Caverinha created an awesome group with an amazing atmosphere. Zumbi was smitten by Capoeira from the very first class. He attended classes as often as his schedule would allow.

During that time Zumbi got to train with many people that inspired him. Many of those people (Berinjela, Xangô, Malandro, et. al.) are presently teaching Capoeira to a new generation of Capoeiristas. Zumbi found that the friendships made while training this martial art were among his most valuable. This is one of Zumbi's main motivations for teaching Capoeira to this day.

Zumbi became a student of Mestre Chicote in 2002 and started teaching Capoeira in 2005 under the guidance of Contra Mestres Xangô and Berinjela.

Mestre Acordeon, in the presence of Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Chicote, and several other world famous Capoeiristas awarded Zumbi his professor cordão at an international Capoeira event called "Festival Passo à Frente" in May 2014.

"Professor Zumbi is passionate, welcoming, and enthusiastic. His classes have a clear focus and are highly enjoyable." -- Julian Harrison