Classes are designed to teach you to skillfully play Capoeira. Not only will you learn the movement of Capoeira, but also the music of this amazing tradition.


Class Introduction

Capoeira is an art form. It is often a game played between friends. It is a martial art that strongly emphasizes strategy. It is fluid and graceful. At the same time, it is filled with deadly blows and mind-bending maneuvers. Capoeira is cool. It even has its own music. Capoeira is also a great workout. It is for men, women, and children. Capoeira is expression of the self. Classes are designed to teach you the language of Capoeira so that you can appropriately express yourself.

Those that practice Capoeira are called Capoeiristas. Good Capoeiristas often practice the art for years in order to exhibit a high level of skill. Zumbi's goal is to help you become a Capoeirista. Capoeira is usually played in a roda to music. The expression of a Capoeirista changes according to music. So learning Capoeira music is an important part of becoming a Capoeirista.

Capoeiristas are very social and like to form groups. Professor Zumbi and his students are a part of the international Cordão de Ouro Capoeira Group (or simply CDO). Professor Zumbi and his students get social on Sundays. We get together to implement what we learn in a roda. Then we spend the rest of the day together building bonds of friendship.

People are motivated to try Capoeira classes for different reasons. Many people start Capoeira to lose weight, or for weight control. Others start because they want to learn a martial art. Some people start because of the music, culture or social aspects of Capoeira. No matter what reason you personally have for learning Capoeira, Professor Zumbi wants to help you reach your goals and guide your path to becoming a Capoeirista.

"Professor Zumbi is passionate, welcoming, and enthusiastic. His classes have a clear focus and are highly enjoyable." -- Julian Harrison